Launch of inaugural IP management module at Cambridge Engineering Department

We are very excited about our new endeavour. Today we launched a brand new, full term, eight-week Intellectual Property Management module for engineering students at Cambridge University. As far as I know this is the first time ever that a complete module is dedicated to IP management at Cambridge for non-law students. We look forward to seven more exciting weeks and lectures with fantastic guest speakers from Google, ThyssenKrupp, Aistemos, the European Patent Office and ARM.

Isn’t this a bit funny? A Research Policy article with the same top level title as our Technovation paper from 2015

A current, in press RP paper is titled “To own, or not to own? A multilevel analysis of intellectual property right policies‘ on academic entrepreneurship„. Sounds to me quite similar to our 2015 Technovation paper with the title „To own or not to own: How ownership impacts user innovation–An empirical study„. Maybe our choice for the title was not too bad then.

SME innovation – practice and needs, lessons from the PrISMS programme

Just published a new working paper with IfM colleagues on „SME innovation – practice and needs, lessons from the PrISMS programme“ available for download here.

Amid calls for practical approaches to support implementation of innovation in smaller manufacturing firms, there is a lack of practice-based knowledge about innovation management in such companies and how it is related to and influenced by their operational strengths and constraints. This paper reviews the innovation practices and needs of seven manufacturing SMEs by drawing on data from outputs of the PrISMS project, a European-funded manufacturing development programme, in the context of the SME innovation literature. Using data from the PrISMS programme we explore how this small group of SMEs approach innovation drawing upon their operational context, looking at their current practices and where they require further support to grow their businesses sustainably.


New paper on urban mobility and product service systems

The International Journal of Technology Management (IJTM) just published a special issue on „When Innovation Meets Sustainability Challenges„. Among the six papers is a paper that I have authored together with Cornelius Herstatt and Tim Schiederig entitled „Firms‘ transition to green product service system innovators: cases from the mobility sector„. In the paper we present and discuss how firms can become innovators of product service systems based on three cases from urban, future mobility solutions (car2go, Hertz on Demand, Better Place).

Our white paper by the winter school participants now available

In November 2012 I  participated in the winter school „Already Beyond? – 40 Years Limits to Growth“ by the VolkswagenStiftung and the accompanying Herrenhäuser Symposium to mark the 40th anniversary of the “Limits to Growth” study by Dennis Meadows and others at MIT.
I am happy to announce that our white paper is now available for download here. Read more about the thoughts, ideas, comments and critics from the group of young researchers from around the globe who intensely discussed the historic, present and future implications of the group breaking Club of Rome report „limits to growth“.