E-governance [update]

Excellent example of e-governance experienced today (14 June). The city council runs a website to report potholes. I submitted a report today at 11:20. At 12:12 a person was spotted outside our window to inspect and mark the pothole. At 13:30 I had an e-mail saying the pothole was inspected and works will be comissioned, but could take up to three months. Let’s hope they will be a bit quicker, but anyhow, great process. Very quick and transparent, probably a service level impossible before the internet age. Well done, Cambridge city council. Chapeau!


Well done Cambridge Council. Today (17 June), the pothole was filled! Prove below:WhatsApp-Image-20160617



A must see video! Bias due to studies that do not get published

Not exactly innovation research, but probably relevant for any academic discipline: How we are biased in our believe in empirical results through studies that remain unpublished, because they fail to prove significant results and hence do not get published:

Ben Goldacre: What doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe