Save the date: 2nd Strategic IP Forum – 8.12.2015

Following the success of the first event in July we will host the 2nd Strategic IP Forum at the IfM on Tuesday afternoon, 8. December 2015. Get it in the diary. We hope to see you for engaging discussions around IP and innovation.

Tools for patent informatics

A good review providing an overview of different categories of tools for patent analytics. As it is from 2010 it might not be comprehensive as much development is ongoing in this field:

Bonino, D., A. Ciaramella, et al. (2010). „Review of the state-of-the-art in patent information and forthcoming evolutions in intelligent patent informatics.“ World Patent Information 32(1): 30-38.

Apple vs. Samsung

I am affraid that journalist Matthias Hohensee of the German economic magazine „Wirtschaftswoche“ needs some basic training in the essentials of the patent system. In his article he argues that the recent jury decision will prevent future innovation in the mobilecom sector. Well, one could argue about this, however I fully support the decision. The authors miss an essential point. Apple had developed a truly innovative device when launching the IPhone and entering the rather mature cellphone market. What a risky move. They had developed some unique innovative technical solutions for which they got patents. That is the deal that society makes in order to set incentives that such stories happen. Would Apple have committed all their R&D investments without a patent system? From my perspective this is an example where the patent system really needs to be defended. The innovation happened to be developed  by Apple, while Samsung very bluntly imitated. The jury decision is correct. Any other decision would have created just more uncertainty for other innovating firms: If we commit R&D investments, would we ever be able to appropriate the returns to break even?