RnD 2017: Special session on „Intellectual property management for Sustainable Innovation“

Please consider submitting papers to the special session at the RnD Management Conference 2017 in Leuven organized jointly with Elisabeth Eppinger on „Intellectual property management for sustainable innovation“. Extended abstracts are due on 1 February. Submission details to be found here.

Direct link: http://kuleuvencongres.be/rnd2017/articles/abstract-submission

Open IP strategies for enabling sustainability transitions

New paper published with Jan Sternkopf from Kiel University, Elisabeth Eppinger from Freie Universität Berlin and Pratheeba Vimalnath (Subramanian) from Indian Institute of Science on how firms employ IP strategies and particularly Open IP strategies to enable transitions towards a more sustainable society, including cases from Tesla and Nutriset. The paper is available in our CTM Working Paper series.

Cambridge University to Adopt Ethical Approach to Multibillion-Dollar Fund

Cambridge is moving in the right direction: „One of the world’s oldest—and richest—universities has decided to adopt a more “ethical” approach to investing its multibillion-dollar endowment fund.“

Read the full Wall Street Journal article at http://www.wsj.com/articles/cambridge-university-to-vote-on-multibillion-dollar-fund-1431944924 

Janine Benyus on 3D printing and the circular economy

This is another video worth seeing. Janine Benyus, author of “Biomimicry : innovation inspired by nature” talks at the inaugural Circular Economy 100 Annual Summit, sponsored by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation this June. Her message is about how 3D printing can help us on the way towards a sustainable economy. Quite inspiring 20 min with some good examples.