To all patent analytics experts in the world: Please share your thoughts with us on the future of the field!

As part of an EPSRC funded research project  and supported by the Cambridge Big Data Inititative we are seeking expert opinions on the future of patent analytics. Please share your expertise with us. Results from the short 5-min survey will inform a workshop on 3rd March where experts will gather to develop a roadmap for the future of patent analytics!

The project is run by the Innovation and Intellectual Property Management research group, based at the Centre for Technology Management, University of Cambridge.

Direct survey link:

Help shaping the future of patent analytics

As part of our EPSRC project on the future of patent analytics we have launched a 5-minute survey to identify emerging technologies that can advance the capabilities of patent analytics for better decision making. If you are experienced with analyzing patent data please complete this short survey (and/or forward, share this announcement with relevant colleagues).

Direct survey link:

New EPSRC project on the future of patent informatics

Very glad to announce the kick-off of our foresight study on the future of patent informatics funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Cambridge Big Data Initiative. Further information to be available soon. If you like to know more about the project or like to get involved please contact Leonidas Aristodemou.