Day 3 in Beijing

Today was the first day of the 10th China Forum of Future-oriented Technology Analysis. A conference with some very interesting presentations, some of them in Chinese thought (which actually had really interesting titles). Following a visit to Beijing Institute of Technolgy with a very warm welcome by the dean and very delicious Chinese dinner with the invited international guests we explored a bit the Chinese night.

After we found a large German toy shop (Schwarz, with a most impressive collection of German SIKU play cars) in the middle of what is probably amongst Chinese most expensive malls we found a very nice hidden cocktail bar. You enter the room that looks like a book store, then having to find the hidden door that then slides away so one can enter the real bar. Fantastic! So were the drinks! We then ended up walking quite a bit towards the hotel. The air was nicely cool after it had rained. We had lots of good discussions and also discovered a fully automated public library vending machine. Eventually however, we gave up. Beijing is just soooo big! Such an excellent day and evening.