Brexit and the pound

What a chart! The pound over the last six month with some obvious ups and downs, but take a particular look at the far right side: A drop not seen before.


More than 3 Million signed the petition already. Do, if you have not signed yet! Everything is needed to show that leave is the wrong outcome of the referendum and the wrong way for the UK. Before §50 is raised change might still be possible! The referendum outcome has to be respected but is not legally binding. At least we have to try everything possible to safe our future and the future of our kids!


E-governance [update]

Excellent example of e-governance experienced today (14 June). The city council runs a website to report potholes. I submitted a report today at 11:20. At 12:12 a person was spotted outside our window to inspect and mark the pothole. At 13:30 I had an e-mail saying the pothole was inspected and works will be comissioned, but could take up to three months. Let’s hope they will be a bit quicker, but anyhow, great process. Very quick and transparent, probably a service level impossible before the internet age. Well done, Cambridge city council. Chapeau!


Well done Cambridge Council. Today (17 June), the pothole was filled! Prove below:WhatsApp-Image-20160617