Panel discussion @ SIPF 4 tomorrow

Extremely pleased to announced that we will have two additional experts joining tomorrow’s panel session on „why firms pledge their patents“. Patrick Farrant (Partner, Tayler Vinters) and Mark Wilson (Director, Collaboration Management, Europe, Platform Science and Technology, GSK) kindly agreed to join the panel. We look forward to another fully-booked SIPF with 70+ participants.

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Making sure it’s win-win: the IP issues when large and small firms join forces – Cambridge Network

News from Cambridge businesses. Network members upload news here about their products, services and achievements.

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New CTM working paper

Pleased to announce another paper just published in our CTM working paper series on the „Commercialization Journey in Business Ecosystem: from academy to market“ by Zhaojing Huang, Clare Farrukh and Yongjiang Shi. Download the full paper here.

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Innovation and IP Management group @ CTM Cambridge – An update on recent activities

CTM’s Innovation and IP Management (IIPM) research group has recently grown to a team of seven. We welcomed Leonidas Aristodemou in October, formerly with Procter & Gamble and MET alumni, who works now on patent informatics for better strategic decision making on an EPSRC grant. We now run projects on IP strategy (Mingjin Guo), IP roadmapping (Tianyi Wang) and IP management in collaboration projects (Dr Ghita Dragsdahl Lauritzen). A number of visitors joined and supported the group over the last year with projects on appropriation strategies (Jan-Niklas Foege), IP in university-industry collaborations (Oliver Gretsch), IP challenges in additive manufacturing (Bernhard Hilgert), the impact of sharing behaviour and ownership on collaborative user innovation (Tom Oberquelle, Thorsten Pieper) and the use of design rights as innovation indicator (Pia Wolf). Our international research partners include colleagues from TU Munich, RWTH Aachen, Chalmers University of Technology, Hamburg University of Technology, Kiel University, University of Münster and TU Darmstadt. We recently concluded two successful industry projects with Oxford Instruments on IP valuation tools and Swisscom on open source IP.
During the summer, Mingjin conducted interviews with firms in Silicon Valley (USA), supported by the School of Technology fieldwork grant. Two UROP students (Lawrance Chiang, Ivan Poryazov) worked with us on the multi-partner collaboration project and the development of an IP management teaching game, a STIM consortium project. The IP game is currently in a prototyping stage with the aim to deploy it in our teaching and executive education from next year. Please get in touch if you would like to test run the game in your company. It works with a minimum of eight players, up to 24.
Our IP interest group (IPIG) now counts 19 members from 13 companies, amongst them large manufacturing firms including Caterpillar, Airbus, Siemens and GSK, but also highly innovative small firms, such as IDEX.
For more information on the IIPM group or to join IPIG please contact Dr Frank Tietze at

Read more in our recent CTM newsletter.

Final programme for 4th Cambridge Strategic IP Forum – 1 Dec 2016

Pleased to announced the final programme of the 4th Strategic IP Forum is now available here with further details on the event website. The half day event is hosted by the IIPM research group as part of CTM at the IfM, University of Cambridge. Bookings have excelled out expectations, but a few places are still available. Participation is free of charge, but pre-event registration is required here.

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Successful large-scale testrun of IP strategy game

Yesterday we had the pleasure to testrun our IP strategy game for the first time with a large group of 20 innovation professionals. Thanks to all participants from the Open Innovation Forum run by IfM ECS. The game aims to educate on IP challenges and related IP management concepts in cllaborations and open innovation projects. We look forward to more testruns in the months to come.


New EPSRC project on the future of patent informatics

Very glad to announce the kick-off of our foresight study on the future of patent informatics funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Cambridge Big Data Initiative. Further information to be available soon. If you like to know more about the project or like to get involved please contact Leonidas Aristodemou.

US elections

What a day. Americans have the one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make it possible for three important nations to be led by women. Let the Merkel-Hillary-May era begin! 

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Save the date: Cambridge Strategic IP Forum, 1 December @ IfM

The fourth SIPF will take place in the afternoon on Thursday, 1 December at the IfM with a theme on „Small meets Large – IP Challenges“. First confirmed speakers are Jo Costura (Caterpillar), Donal O’Connell (formerly Nokia) and Michael Evans (Cambridge Carbon Capture). Further details are available here or register for the free event here