Open IP strategies for enabling sustainability transitions

New paper published with Jan Sternkopf from Kiel University, Elisabeth Eppinger from Freie Universität Berlin and Pratheeba Vimalnath (Subramanian) from Indian Institute of Science on how firms employ IP strategies and particularly Open IP strategies to enable transitions towards a more sustainable society, including cases from Tesla and Nutriset. The paper is available in our CTM Working Paper series.

The German IfM

… even with a lower-case „f“. Nothing really to do with manufacturing, unfortunately! Just the institute for milk-analysis.


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Ever wondered why TESLA gave away all their patents for free?

If you are interested in this topic and related questions then you should consider applying for this PhD studies opportunity. The Centre for Technology Management at the University of Cambridge is currently looking for a student, preferably with an engineering, industrial engineering or business degree and experience in innovation and intellectual property (IP) management to be considered for a fully funded EPSRC scholarship. The project focuses on strategic firm behaviour to use open approaches to IP for becoming successful innovators. Further information is available here:

The application deadline is 31 January. For further information please contact Dr Frank Tietze (

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Impressions from the fourth Cambridge Strategic IP Forum

We had a full house yesterday for the fourth Strategic IP Forum at the IfM Cambridge with a focus on IP challenges in collaborative innovation projects between large and small firms. Many thanks to all four speakers: John Nevard (CDT), Jo Costura (Caterpillar), Michael Evans (Cambridge Carbon Capture) and Donal O’Connell (Chawton Innovation Services). Watch out for the announcement for the next SIPF in 2017!