Day 5 in Shenzen and Hongkong

This morning we checked out in Beijing heading to the airport where we boarded our plane to Shenzhen. The trip was an excellent opportunity to discuss what we had learned the previous days and discuss Aocheng’s research. Upon arrival in Shenzhen with heavy rainfall we went straight towards the joint campus of Beijing, Harbing and Tschinghua university. A massive campus where we met Prof Hai, Founding Dean of PHBS, the Peking University HSBC Business School and the Vice Chairmain of Peking University Council. Following a long and very insightful meeting discussing the growing relations between Peking University and the UK I then had the chance to try my caligraphy skills with a bit of help by Prof Hai.

We then left towards our hotel, where we had 10 minutes to drop off our staff before heading towards the station for boarding a high speed train to Hongkong. In Hongkong we met Daniel and learnt that HK had just been hit by the first Taifun of the season. Unfortunately, after a superb „fast food“ meal on top of the city it was time to head back to Shenzhen. Now looking forward to a good night sleep and an exciting day 6 tomorrow.

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