Research philosophy

My research interest is focused on technological innovations. These include innovative technologies, technology based products and those services that require technology based products, often labeled as product services systems (PSS). I have a particular interest in PSS because developing these requires a (holistic) system perspective. My interest in services is closely related to my observations of western society’s transition into post-industrialism where the importance of entitlement thinking (“Besitzstandsdenken”) decreases, but the rational awareness grows that a rich life not necessary requires owning many products, but rather having access to a broad service portfolio (functional economy). I sympathize with the idea that manufacturing products hardly creates value, but value rather emerges from utilizing products in intelligently designed service concepts. This is similar to the “value in use” concept in the service dominant logic approach.

To me such an understanding appears to be particularly attractive, because it opens new avenues of thoughts for developing ideas to approach today’s sustainability challenges. The shared ownership nature as an element of PSS, for instance, increases resource utilization rates and thus contributes to increased eco-efficiency. Employing this perspective offers possibilities to contribute developing innovations that can cope with the “limits to growth” dilemma.