Green innovation examples

On this page I list innovations that I consider to be green according to my definition on the previous page:

Product service systems

  • Betterplace
  • Greenwheels
  • Cambio Carsharing
  • DB bike sharing

Infrastructure innovations

  • Smart Grid
  • London congestion charge
  • Recycling systems (e.g. the German „Grüner Punkt“)
  • Emission Trading Scheme (ETS)

Mobility product innovations

  • Skysales
  • Hybrid engine
  • Electric Bikes
  • Fuel cell buses
  • Nissan LEAF Electric Car

Complementary mobility innovations – CO2 neutral products and services

  • atmosfair
  • MyClimate
  • GoGreen
  • Garmin ecoRoute
  • Allianz CO2 neutral insurance

“Clean” energy service / trade innovations

  • Lichtblick
  • Greenpeace energy
  • Naturstrom

Financial (service) innovations

  • Investment products
  • Credit cards
  • Banks (e.g. Triodos, Umweltbank)

Quality innovations (Labels and certifications)

  • Demeter
  • Bioland
  • Fairtrade
  • EnergyStar

Consumer product innovations

  • Frosch household chemicals
  • Alnatura
  • American Apparel

Indirect-green innovations (energy saving, transport / waste reducing / logistic innovations à Miniaturization)

  • LED lights
  • Smart packaging (e.g. Puma)
  • Smaller products (e.g. IPod compared to Walkman), means less transport emission

Green communities (social network-innovations)

  • Utopia
  • Treehugger
  • Planet green
  • Karma Konsum

Marketing innovations

  • Think Blue by VW

Component / material (industrial) innovations

  • e.g. BASF is supporting wind blade manufacturers by supplying innovative epoxy resin systems for highly resilient, fiber-reinforced components as well as specialized coatings materials for rotor blades.

Industrial process innovations

  • e.g. plasma recycling technology by Tetra Pak

Green innovation by design – recycling already embedded into concept phase

  • Herman Miller Mirra Chair designed as Cradle-to-Cradle

Architectural innovations

Building innovation

  • Sundolier: Lights Your Building Using Solar Energy

Re-use / Second (recycling) innovations

  • UN water bottle program

Competitions / challenges and eco-innovation prizes

  • X-Price Green Technology Award