Research profile

I am trained in industrial engineering and management and my research focuses on innovation at the intersection of management sciences and business (micro) economics. Currently, I pursue my research at the University of Kiel (Germany), while frequently visiting to CHALMERS University of Technology (Sweden). Please find more information about my currently ongoing and past research projects in the menu bar.

My research focuses on two broad themes:

  • Intellectual property (IP) management with a focus on technology markets and particularly on technology market intermediares, technology exploitation (commercialization / deployment) and acquisitions, technology transactions, patent valuation, auctions and firm growth.
  • Product service system (PSS) innovations with a focus on sustainability (green innovations), innovation processes, ownership structures (club, common, public goods) and shared use.
  • Of course, sometimes other interesting phenomena cross my way. So far I have also conducted a bit of research for instance on user innovation and the technology management leadership roles, such as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Read more about my research philosophy here and find out about about my understanding of the key concept in my research „innovation„. Please also have a look at the collection of research concepts that I am familiar with and apply in my research.

You may wish to visit my SSRN author page to download papers that I have written. Unfortuntately, only the papers are available for free download for which the publisher did not capture the exclusive distribution rights.

Theories that I have some interest in

Innovation and IP theory (if there is any as such), theory of the firm, resource based view, transaction cost theory, evolutionary economic theory, dynamic capabilities, general economic theory, etc.

Concepts that I like to apply in my research (see also here)

Path dependency, trajectories, substitution vs. complementaries, transition, R&D, innovation systems, technology, complexity, boundaries of the firm, ownership, licensing, intellectual property rights, dead weight loss, intermediaries, user, design, disintegration, technology fusion or convergence, innovation, invention, patents, (dynamic) transaction costs, open innovation, external technology acquisition and exploitation, endowment effect, governance, dynamic capabilities, entrepreneurship, externalities, climate change, etc.

Research methods for which I can claim to know something about

Classical inferential statistics, (e.g. OLS, log regression models, ANOVA), structural equation modelling (e.g. PLS), surveys, case studies, simulation, content analysis, patent databases, network analysis, interviews, etc.

Journals that I regularly try to read regularly and recommend

Research Policy (RP), Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM), R&D Management, International Journal of Intellectual Property Management (IJIPM), Strategic Management Journal (SMJ), Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review (AMR), Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Technovation, Organization Science, California Management Review, Journal of Clearner Production, etc.

Conferences in the fields that I follow and that might be helpful for you

International Product Development Management Conference (IPDMC), R&D Management Conference, DRUID, Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AoM), European Academy of Management (EURAM), User Innovation Workshop, TIE Konferenz, etc.