Conference papers

Please visit my SSRN author page, if you wish to download papers that I have written. Unfortuntately only the papers are available for free download for which the publisher did not capture the exclusive distribution rights.


Farrukh, C., Athanassapoulou, N., Phaal, R., & Tietze, F. (2015). SME innovation practice and needs: lessons from the PrISMS Programme. R&D Management Conference, Pisa, Italy.

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Granstrand, O., & Tietze, F. (2014). IP strategies and policies for and against evergreening. European Policy for Intellectual Property, European Commission, Brussels.

Pieper, T., Tietze, F., & Herstatt, C. (2014). To own or not to own: How ownership impacts user innovation – An empirical study. TIE Tagung, Munich, Germany.

Dekkers, R. and F. Tietze (2014). Excavating the Role of NPEs in the Innovation Process: Did We Start a Mission Possible? IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation & Technology. Singapore.


Tietze, F., & Hansen, E. G. (2013). To Own or to Use – How Product Service Systems facilitate Eco-Innovation Behavior. Paper presented at the Academy of Management Meeting, Orlando, Florida.

Tietze, F., & Schultz, C. (2013). Cognitive fit between partners and success of uni-industry cooperations. Paper presented at the 20th International Product Develeopment Management Conferencer „Re-enchanting technology“, Paris, France.


Pieper, T., F. Tietze, and C. Herstatt (2012). To Own or Not to Own: How Ownership Effects User Innovation – An Empirical Study in the Rowing Sport Market. 10th International Open and User Innovation Workshop. Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


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Schiederig, T., F. Tietze and C. Herstatt (2011). Managing Sustainable Innovation – A Literature Review. ISPIM 2011 – „Sustainability in Innovation: Innovation Management Challenges“. Hamburg, Germany. Shortlisted for the ISPIM Best Student Paper award.

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