Cambridge appoints its first professor of innovation

Dr Tim Minshall has been appointed as the inaugural Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation at the University of Cambridge, a new post that will build on the University’s strengths in science, engineering and entrepreneurship. Dr Minshall, who is currently Head of CTM. Reader in Technology & Innovation Management in the Department of Engineering and Fellow of Churchill College, will take up his new post on 1 October.

Further details: Cambridge appoints its first professor of innovation | University of Cambridge

For everyone with an interest in IP and patents this should be an excellent summer (or autumn) read

In „The Last Days of Night“ Graham Moore unpacks the battle between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse about IP ownership for introducing electricity across the US with Paul Cravath, a just graduated patent lawyer as the protagonist, also featuring Nicola Tesla (inventor of AC current) and J.P. Morgan. Worth reading!

Read here the Washington Post book review.

Isn’t this a bit funny? A Research Policy article with the same top level title as our Technovation paper from 2015

A current, in press RP paper is titled “To own, or not to own? A multilevel analysis of intellectual property right policies‘ on academic entrepreneurship„. Sounds to me quite similar to our 2015 Technovation paper with the title „To own or not to own: How ownership impacts user innovation–An empirical study„. Maybe our choice for the title was not too bad then.