Green PPS Innovations

The environmental Impact of Product Service Systems on firms innovation trajectories 

Duration: Ongoing since 09/2010

Within this project we aim to explore whether, and explain how product service system (PSS) innovations impact firms’ innovation behavior. We are interested to understand whether and how PSS innovations shift firms’ innovation trajectories towards more environmentally friendly directions in order to reduce the negative externalities that result from firms’ innovation activities.

In this project PSS are considered to be integrated offerings of tangible products, intangible services and the enabling infrastructure that provide a product-unspecific functional use value to their users (e.g. delivering mobility through car- or bike-sharing solutions instead of purchasing vehicles or bikes). When operating PSS solutions commonly no ownership transfer takes place to the user, who enters into an enduring contractual relationship with the offering firm (i.e. instead of a single purchase contract as often characteristic for product sales). During the PSS use, its user becomes temporary proprietor enabling a high use-flexibility. In the project we understand firms’ innovation behavior to be predetermined by corporate strategic and specific operational R&D objectives as well as the trajectory that firms pursue in their innovation activities.
Within the exploratory project phase we primarily apply case studies techniques, while in its later stages increasingly quantitative modeling techniques (e.g. regression, structural equation modeling) will be used.

Project partners: University of Kiel (Kiel, Germany), Hamburg University of Technology (Hamburg, Germany)

Research outcomes:

Schiederig, T., F. Tietze and C. Herstatt (2012). Green Innovation in Technology and Innovation Management – An Exploratory Literature Review. R&D Management Journal 42(2): 180-192

Tietze, F., T. Schiederig and C. Herstatt (2011). Firms’ transition towards green product-service-system innovators. The R&D Management Conference. Norrköping, Sweden.

Schiederig, T., F. Tietze and C. Herstatt (forthcoming 2011, accepted). Managing Sustainable Innovation – A Literature Review. ISPIM 2011 – „Sustainability in Innovation: Innovation Management Challenges“. Hamburg, Germany. Shortlisted for the ISPIM Best Student Paper award.