Research profile

My research focuses on innovation at the intersection of management sciences and business (micro) economics. I contribute mainly to two topics: Innovation processes for Product Service System (PSS) and intellectual Property (IP) Management. With my research I aim to contribute to a sustainable living.

I am appointed University Lecturer in Technology and Innovation Management at the University of Cambridge, Institute for Manufacturing (IfM). Prior to that I was assistant professor at the Institute for Innovation Research at Kiel University, where I was also associated with the Kiel School of Sustainability. I hold a doctoral degree in economics and social sciences (Dr. rer. pol.) from Hamburg University of Technology (Germany) where I was affiliated with the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management. I am trained in industrial engineering and management.

I am a frequent visitor to Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), where I am a fellow of the Innovation and Intellectual Property Research Group. I am board member and Secretary General of the European Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (EITIM).

Besides research, I have an interest in photography.


Most recent academic publications (or SSRN author page):

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