MakeSpace in Cambridge

Yesterday, I visited the MakeSpace in Cambridge. A recently started collaborative fablab made possible with generous funding from ideaSpace, the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), ARM, TTP, Microsoft Research and Cambridge Science Centre.

They got great equipment to build whatever you want, from laser cutter, 3D printer, but also the „old school“ equipment for drilling and milling. I hope this space inspires a lot of people to become creative and innovative.

New paper on urban mobility and product service systems

The International Journal of Technology Management (IJTM) just published a special issue on „When Innovation Meets Sustainability Challenges„. Among the six papers is a paper that I have authored together with Cornelius Herstatt and Tim Schiederig entitled „Firms‘ transition to green product service system innovators: cases from the mobility sector„. In the paper we present and discuss how firms can become innovators of product service systems based on three cases from urban, future mobility solutions (car2go, Hertz on Demand, Better Place).