Cambridge research project on the „future of patent analytics“: Workshop announcement + survey

As part of our EPSRC project on the future of patent analytics we will run a workshop on 3 March in Cambridge bringing together leading experts to discuss the future of patent analytics from different stakeholder groups.

Attendance is for a selected group of about 20 participants who work towards pushing the boundaries of patent analytics. We aim for a balanced mix of academics, who specialize in patent information, innovation and decision making, experts in novel technologies so far hardly applied to patent analytics, lead users of patent data and software (e.g. large companies customers), and carefully selected representatives from innovative consultancies and vendors. If you like to attend, you can express your interest here: 

We have also launched a short (promise!) survey to identify emerging technologies that can advance the capabilities of patent analytics for better decision making. If you are experienced with analyzing patent data please complete this short survey (and/or forward, share this announcement with relevant colleagues).

Direct survey link: